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Affordability Ratings & Rankings
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Nation Urban Area Estimated House Price Multiple Strong Urban Consolidation ("Smart Growth") Policies
USA Los Angeles. Orange County 10.2 YES
USA Los Angeles: Los Angeles 10.1 YES
USA San Diego 10.0 YES
Australia Sydney 8.8 YES
USA Honolulu 8.1  
USA San Francisco 7.9 YES
USA Miami: Miami 7.3 YES
USA New York 7.1  
Australia Melbourne 6.9 YES
USA Miami: Fort Lauderdale 6.3 YES
USA Los Angeles; Riverside-San Bernardino 6.2 YES
Australia Adelaide 6.2 YES
Australia Hobart 6.2 YES
USA Miami: West Palm Beach 6.1 YES
Australia Brisbane 6.0 YES
New Zealand Auckland 5.9 YES
USA Las Vegas 5.8 NOTE
USA Sacramento 5.6 YES
USA Sarasota 5.6  
Australia Canberra 5.6 YES
Australia Perth 5.4 YES
USA Washington 5.3 YES
Canada Vancouver 5.3 YES
New Zealand Christchurch 5.3 YES
USA Boston 5.3 NOTE
USA Providence 5.2 NOTE
USA Seattle 4.9 YES
USA Chicago 4.7  
USA Baltimore 4.4  
USA Tucson 4.2  
New Zealand Wellington 4.1 YES
Australia Darwin 4.0 YES
USA Denver 4.0 YES
USA Milwaukee 3.9  
Canada Toronto 3.9 NOTE
USA Tampa-St. Petersburg 3.9  
USA Orlando 3.7  
USA Charleston, SC 3.7  
USA Hartford 3.5  
USA Portland (Oregon) 3.5 YES
USA Virginia Beach 3.4  
USA Minneapolis-St. Paul 3.4 YES
USA Richmond 3.3  
USA Philadelphia 3.3  
USA Birmingham 3.3  
USA Phoenix 3.2  
USA Raleigh-Durham 3.2  
USA New Orleans 3.2  
USA Knoxville 3.2  
USA Jacksonville 3.2  
USA Albuquerque 3.2  
USA Springfield, MA 3.1  
USA Colorado Springs 3.1  
USA Memphis 3.1  
Canada Montreal 3.1  
USA Mobile 3.1  
USA Greensboro 3.1  
USA Albany 3.1  
Canada Calgary 3.0  
USA Nashville 3.0  
USA Greenville 2.9  
Canada Ottawa 2.9  
USA Columbus 2.8  
USA Baton Rouge 2.8  
USA El Paso 2.8  
USA Houston 2.7  
USA Salt Lake City 2.7  
USA Louisville 2.7  
USA Austin 2.7  
USA Atlanta 2.6  
USA Oklahoma City 2.6  
USA Kansas City 2.6  
USA San Antonio 2.6  
USA Dayton 2.6  
USA Dallas 2.6  
USA Toledo 2.6  
USA Omaha 2.5  
USA Pittsburgh 2.4  
USA Tulsa 2.4  
USA Indianapolis 2.4  
USA Columbia 2.4  
USA Little Rock 2.4  
USA St. Louis 2.4  
USA Wichita 2.2  
USA Rochester 2.2  
USA Buffalo 2.1  
USA Syracuse 2.1  
USA Fort Wayne 2.1  
Sources: See Source Notes    
Urban Consolidation (Smart Growth) Policies: Likely to result in land shortages and less affordable housing.
Boston: Probable cause of land scarcity: Large lot zoning    
Las Vegas: Land scarcity caused by scarcity of private land (US Bureau of Land Management ownership)
Minneapolis-St. Paul: Easing urban consolidation (smart growth) policies.
Portland: Easing urban consolidation (smart growth) policies.  
Providence: Probable cause of land scarcity: Large lot zoning.  
Toronto: Urban consolidation policies to be implemented    
Washington: Land scarcity appears related to land rationing policies adopted in suburban Maryland and Virginia suburbs

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