Most listed publications are pre-Internet (1995 or earlier). Other publications are available through the Demographia and The Public Purpose websites.

"Smart Growth and the Quality of Life" (Environment & Climate News)

"How Smart Growth Worsens Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution" (Independence Institute)

"Housing Impacts of Smart Growth" (Independence Institute and Goldwater Institute)

"Coping with Traffic Congestion" (in A Guide to Smart Growth, Heritage Foundation)

"The Livable American City: Toward an Environmentally Friendly American Dream" (ALEC, 1993)

People, Markets and Government: How Economic Policy Creates Wealth or Poverty: US State Legislators Guide to Economics (ALEC, 1994)

"Competition in Public Transport: International State of the Art (1997)

"Reinventing Transit: Putting Customers First" (ALEC, 1994)

Sovereignty of the People and Devolution (ALEC, 1995)

Moving America Competitively: A State Legislator's Guide to Privatization (ALEC, 1989)

Environmental Partners (ALEC, 1992)

"America's Protected Class" (ALEC, 1992, 1993, 1994)

"Controlling the Demand for Taxes" ALEC, Yankee Institute, Heartland Institute, Fraser Institute, Cascade Institute, Public Service Research Council 1991-1993)

International Experience in Competitive Tendering (Competitive Contracting) (1995)

Designing Competitive Tendering Systems for the Public Good (1989)

School Bus Contracting: Freeing Educators to Educate (ALEC, 1990)

Amtrak at 25: End of the Road for Taxpayer Subsidies (Cato Institute, 1996)

Evaluation of the Miami-Orlando-Tampa High Speed Rail Proposal (James Madison Institute, 1997)

Light Rail in Milwaukee (Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, 1998)

Rescuing Transit in Chicago (Metropolitan Transportation Association, 1998)

The Untold Story: The Rapid Growth in City Revenues (ALEC 1992)

Bexar County Opportunity Analysis (Texas Public Policy Foundation, 1998)

VIA Metropolitan Transit Opportunity Analysis (Texas Public Policy Foundation, 1997)

A Public Purpose for Public Transit (1990)

The Potential for Optimizing Public Transit Service through Competitive Contracting (1987)

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Evaluating Transit's Performance (American Public Transit Association, 1979)

Reducing Mass Transit Costs in Pennsylvania (Commonwealth Foundation, 1988)

40 Years of the US Interstate Highway System: An Analysis (American Highway Users Alliance, 1996)

"People, Cities, and Cars" (with Jean Love), (Washington, DC: Highway Users Federation, 1995).

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Legislative Issue Briefs (with Jean Love and Samuel A. Brunelli): Final volume included 200 two page briefs and additional information totaling nearly 800 pages (ALEC, 1992, 1993, 1994).

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