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The Evolving Urban Form


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The Megacity Book: Rental Car Tours on 25 of the 26 World Megacities

Demographia World Urban Areas (World Agglomerations)

Abu Dhabi(20120130)
Acapulco: Big Box Nirvana - Hypermarket Heaven (20040821)
Addis Abeba: Ethiopian Orthodox Churches (20121103)
Alexandria: Linear City (20060507)
Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and the Olgas (20070415)
Trans-Andes Highway: Santiago-Mendoza-Valparaiso (20071020)
Antwerp: Cutting Edge Metropolis (20040523)

Athens: More Affluent and Spreading Out (20050604)
Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and the Olgas (20070415)
Atlanta: Atlantic Station: Suburbs Come to the City (20080912)
Bangkok: City of Angels East (20061117)

Barcelona: More than Meets the Eye (20040523)
Biejing: Fast Track to Prosperity (20031013)
Belo Horizonte: Barcelona of Brazil? (20030924)

Berne: Old But Evolving Urbanism (20040117)
Bombay Affluent Archipelago in a Sea of Poverty (20061226)
Boston: Atlanta Style Suburban Sprawl (20040117)
Brasilia: Livable, Drivable City (20030924)
Bronx: South Bronx: Revival (20040527)

Brussels: Suburban and Suburbanizing (20040529)
Bucharest: Birthplace of Smart Growth (20040526)
Buenos Aires: Faded Glory (20031006)
Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Florida (20100425)
Cairo: Urban Planning Model (20060511)
Changsha: Construction Central (20100210)
Charlottetown: Birthplace of Canada (20040224)

Chengdu: Capital of China's Largest Province (20070912)
Chongqing: Ultimate China (20100101)
Cincinnati: Needless Myopia (20031120)
Cordoba (Argentina)(20120130)
Curitiba: World Class Public Transport (20030924)
Darwin: Australia's Top End (20071231)

Delhi: Politics and Poverty (20061117)
Detroit: Urban Policy Whipping Boy (20060129)
Dhaka: The Draw (20090522)
Dongguan: The Unknown (20080701)
Dubai: Unfinished Skyscraper City (20100201)

Essen-Dortmund-Dortmund-Duisburg: Nameless in Germany
Europe: Shopping in Europe (20041030)
Fukuoka & Kitakyushu: End of the Line (20040609)
Fushun: Rust Belt But Hopeful (20081124)
Geneva: World Class City, Traffic & Graffiti (20040506)
Gibraltar: Twinned with Ceuta? (20040617)

Guadalajara: The Mexican Dream (20040912)
Guangzhou: Pearl River Renaissance (20031227)
Guiyang: Expanding Over the Mountains (20100328)
Halle-Leipzig: Nearly Recovered from Socialism (20050604)
Halle Neustadt: Decrepit Rail Station Preserves Socialist Past (20050604)
Hangzhou: West Lake and More (20081209)
Hefei (Anhui, China) (20120601)
Hobart: Jewel of Australia (20070112)

Hong Kong: Like No Other (20050810)
Hong Kong II: Freeways, Suburbs & Junkyards (20050820)
Houston: "Can Do" Urban Area (20070704 Revised)
Istanbul: 100-Mile City (20060418)
Jabotabek (Jakarta): Unknown Giant (20060920)
Jinan (Shandong, China) (20120601)

Johor & Singapore: Border Contrasts (20031228)
The Kansas City Advantage: Livability (20060520)
Katowice-Gliwice-Tychy: Waiting to be Discovered (20060315)
Kitakyushu & Fukuoka: End of the Line (20040609)
Kolkata: As Bad as its Reputation-Smart Growth Model (20061117)

Krakow: : Ideal City, with a Side Trip to Krakow (20060315)
Krup Thep Manakhon: City of Angels East (20061117)
Kuala Lumpur: Low Density Model for Asia (20070524)
Kunming: Eternal Spring City (20100328)
Las Vegas: Playground of the World (20061211)
Leipzig-Halle: Nearly Recovered from Socialism (20050604)

Leon: Curitiba in Mexico (20040912)
Levittown: Birthplace of the American Dream (20080701)
Lisbon: Leaping from the Past to the Future (20031221)
London: Planning Disfigured Metropolis (20031203)
Los Angeles: Highest Density, Best Transport System (20070321)
Lyon: Europe Personified (20060714)

Macau: West Pearl River Anchor (20050821)
Madrid: Beltways Everywhere (20031221)
Malaga: Heart of Retirement Haven (20040623)
Manila: Rich and Poor (20070216)
Manaus: More Similar than Different (20030924)
Marseille: Defined by Geography (20040506)

Mendoza: City of Trees (20071020)
Trans-Andes Highway: Santiago-Mendoza-Valparaiso (20071020)
Mexico City: Largest City Not to Be (20031010)
Mexico City #2: East Side-West Side (20040912)
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Linear & Visionless

Milano: Transport Potential (20050327)
Mississippi Gulf Coast: A Side Trip (20060623)
MontevideoSide Trip to Even More Faded Montevideo (20031006)
Montreal Region: Planning At Peace with the Future (20031101)
Moscow Resurrected from Lenin and Marx (20070227)

Mumbai Affluent Archipelago in a Sea of Poverty (20061226)
Munich: Decentralizing Affluence (20050329)
Nagoya: Emerging Japanese Urban Form? (20031019)
Nanjing: Intermittent Capital (20081231)
Nantes: Capital of the Loire (20031206)
NarayanganjDhaka: The Draw (20090522)
New Orleans: Destroyed by Government Floods (20060623)

New Delhi: Politics and Poverty (20061117)
New York: Threats and Opportunities< (20061129)
New York: South Bronx: Revival (20040527)
Ningbo: Across the Bridge from Shanghai
Nowa Huta: Ideal City, with a Side Trip to Krakow (20060315)
Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and the Olgas (20070415)
Orlando: Walkable Edge City (200401015)

Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto: Inconspicuous, Diverse Giant (200301003)
Paris: More than the Ville de Paris (20070913)
Pearl River Delta: Overflight(20081127)
Porto: Portugal's Picturesque Second City (20030530)
Porto Alegre: Public Transport Jewel? (20030924)
Puebla: Between the Mountains(20040912)

Qingdao (20120601)
Rhein-Ruhr-Wupper: Nameless in Germany (20031021)
Rio de Janeiro: City of Rich and Poor (20030924)
Rotterdam: Higher Density Suburbs and Exurbs (20050330)
Saigon: Mobile Urban Area (20081121)
San Diego: The End of Growth (20071117)
Santiago: Favored Quarter, Favored Urban Area (20081117)

Trans-Andes Highway: Santiago-Mendoza-Valparaiso (20071020)
San Diego: The End of Growth (20071117)
Sao Paulo: City of Hopes (20030924)
Sapporo: Capital of Texas? (20031003)
Seville: Planner's Europe (Almost) (20050530)
Seoul-Inchon: Automobile Oriented Compact City (20031004)

Shanghai: Big Changes Ahead (20030930)
Shenyang: Recovering Strongly (20081127)
Shenzhen: Start of China's Future (20050810)
Singapore & Johor: Border Contrasts (20031228)
South Bronx: Revival (20040527)
St. Louis: From Carthage to Rising Phoenix (20070424)

Stuttgart: Village Sprawl Provides a Geography Lesson (20060701)
Suzhou: All of China in One Place (20081205)
Taiyuan: Rust Belt Recovery (20081214)
Tianjin: Philadelphia of China (20031013)
Tokyo-Yokohama: Unique and Superlative (20031002)
Toluca: Growing Exurb (20040912)
Toronto: Los Angeles of the North (20040117)

Trans-Andes Highway: Santiago-Mendoza-Valparaiso (20071020)
Detroit: Inappropriate Comparisons to Toronto (20060129)
Valencia: Atlanta in Spain (2004913)
Valparaiso-Vina del Mar: Urbanization on the Incline (20071119)
Trans-Andes Highway: Santiago-Mendoza-Valparaiso (20071020)

Warsaw: Rising as a Phoenix from Planning (20060315)
Wuhan: City of Rivers and Lakes (20070912)
Xi'an: The First "World Class City" (20070912)
Zurich: Spilling Into the Mountains (20041023)

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